Code and Data From My Projects

I am committed to conducting transparent and collaborative science. Below you will find descriptions of publicly available data sets and code repositories from my research. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the information, please contact me.

Note that many of these projects include data sets and/or model code in MATLAB. If you don't have a MATLAB license, there are packages available to open MATLAB files in open source languages, including R and Python.

Palmyra Atoll (2014)

Palmyra Atoll (2014)

Environmental and ecological controls of coral community metabolism on Palmyra Atoll

This project explored net community production (photosynthesis) and net community calcification on Palmyra Atoll, a relatively undisturbed atoll in the central Pacific. We documented high-resolution metabolism and analyzed the environmental and ecological controls on coral community metabolism. Data from this study have been deposited in the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information and can be accessed here.

Ofu (2011)

Ofu (2011)

High-resolution physical and biogeochemical variability from a shallow back reef on Ofu, American Samoa: an end-member perspective

This project explored the biogeochemistry and physical oceanography of the coral reefs of Ofu, American Samoa. These reefs have received lots of attention in recent years because of their documented ability to withstand very high water temperatures without bleaching. This study provided biogeochemical and hydrodynamics observations to gain insight into the important physical and biological factors that give rise to large biogeochemical and thermal variability. Data from this study have been deposited in the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information and can be accessed here. 

Whaler's Cove, Pt. Lobos State Park, CA, USA (2015)

Whaler's Cove, Pt. Lobos State Park, CA, USA (2015)


Bubble Stripping as a Tool To Reduce High Dissolved CO2 in Coastal Marine Ecosystems

This project explored the utility and feasibility of bubble stripping as a tool to mitigate coastal acidification. Model source code from the study is publicly available in a Bitbucket repository and can be accessed here. 







This project investigated biogeochemical variability, and the factors that control it, in a central California kelp forest over fourteen months. Data are publicly available as a supplement to the peer-reviewed article and can be accessed here.


Expected limits on the ocean acidification buffering potential of a temperate seagrass meadow

This project explored the extent to which a temperate seagrass meadow along the California coast can buffer ocean acidification. Model source code for the open access paper can be accessed here.